Design Thinking is for Teachers Too!

Design thinking is a great way to solve all types of problems for teachers and students alike. One second grade teacher was reflecting on her class’s behaviors and noticed that her students were not experiencing success and productivity when working independently. She wanted to design a classroom environment that allowed her to work with a small group of students while other students were working in engaging and rigorous independent centers. Doing this on her own was a challenge, so she went to the STEM Coordinator for collaboration. 

Together they ideated and prototyped some schedules and center activities that would help students become more independent learners. As she and the STEM Coordinator continue to work together, they modify and re-iterate the center activities based on the needs of the students. Students are more engaged, and are beginning to feel more successful in math. 

As an added bonus, the learning occurring in small groups with the teacher is more focused because she is not constantly addressing behavior needs in the larger classroom environment. Overall the feedback from kids has been great and they are enjoying their new math block.