Day 09 - Water (Elementary)

We have reached the end of our two week stint at Innovation Academy. We had an amazing time, learned a ton, and collaborated everyday. Our students learned about the water treatment plant at IBM, how to filter water, problems involving water around the world, and how to solve those problems. Our students learned that one billion people around the world do not have access to clean water, countries with water facilities waste millions of gallons of water every day through leaky pipes, and that people can die from dehydration or water filled with bacteria and viruses.

Our students collaborated, invented, created, built, discussed, communicated, ideated, brainstormed, tested, presented, and discussed feedback. We asked a lot from the students and they in turn gave a lot. Everyday the students worked eagerly to help solve problems around the world. They compromised when their idea was not voted on by the group. They built off of each others ideas and had a blast doing so.

This has been a great experience for both your children and myself. Thank you for signing your children up and bringing them to Innovation Academy. We all had a wonderful time!

Notable Quote:

  • Ella, I liked building and putting two ideas together like the rain power shower and the automatic sink.
  • Willoree, I liked making my project out of styrofoam boxes and other things to help unpolute the river.
  • Tristan, I liked having fun learning and building a bunch of projects and making new friends. I had fun making my hiking rocket booster and the water bag.
  • Diego, I loved making a water filter out of sand gravel and a coffee filter.
  • Lily, I enjoyed doing the last project and making it out of tubes, cups, tape and a lot of other materials.
  • Tyler and Greta, I enjoyed making my final project and building with styrofoam, cardboard, pumps, metal and a lot of other things.
  • Henry, I liked being with Mr. Lemon.
  • Hannah, I liked making lots of new friends and building the last prototype which was a zipline that carried water to people. I also liked working out problems and solving them.
  • Ella, I learned that for the storage of water that we made in for our super shower sink that we need one hundred gallons to fit in there.