Day 09 - Smarter Food (Elementary)

Hard to believe it’s been 9 days already! Our time together flew by and I learned a lot from these students. I have already been so impressed with everything they’ve learned and designed and produced in a short two weeks. Today we finished our prototypes for exhibition, labeled them and helped Miss Vorhaus set everything up for tomorrow night. We got to enjoy some how it’s made videos along with some videos about keystone predators (such as sharks and wolves) and how vital their presence is for a healthy food web.

We finished the day with one last prototype. These were designed to help our friends at 5280 Beef up in Meeker, Colorado. We wanted to design prototypes that would make their family farm easier to run:

  • Landry- I made a bottle with wheels and the food pops right out into the place where the animals eat.
  • John- I made an automatic cow-milker.
  • JJ- I was making a robot that helps the farmer so he can relax.
  • Katherine- This is my chick feeder and it stores food.
  • Graham- My thing sucks milk and sprays it out into a bottle so they don’t have to milk the cows.
  • Lyla- I made a cow that stores food.
  • Eli- I made something that has tubes and it gets the food for the animals to eat.
  • Nelson- This the incubator and it spins eggs around.
  • Carter- I designed a tractor. It sucks up at the all the carrots.
  • Kyle- I made a plane that does all the work for the farmers. It feeds the animals and collects the eggs.
  • Ethan- I made a chick cage and it holds one chick for the farmer. It can fold up so you can take it places.
  • Blake- I built a little airplane and it goes to get the cows and feeds them.
  • Noah- I made a bottle that has the food and the water for the cows.
  • Sam- Mine is a box that has a button and the box explodes and makes farming easier.