Day 09 - Smarter Buildings (Elementary)

Today was our last day of working in our classroom.

Group 2

The students and I were busy finishing up our projects for the exhibit Friday night. The students worked on posters that explain the design process they went through in designing their new buildings.  They create wonderful prototype buildings to show their families, so they practiced what they would say to everyone that stops by their table.  The students collaborated with each other to  make sure everyone was ready for all questions that may be asked about their building.  After everyone was ready, we set up for the exhibit and we are all ready to go.

The students were also able to work on a small design challenge with snap cubes.  They had to work in a group to build a building with 30 snap cubes in 8 minutes.  After created the buildings, we shared with each other  what we focused on while we working with the snap cubes.   Most of the groups wanted to make sure that they had a strong base for their building.

To end our last day, students worked on a survey and they had extra time to build with the snap cubes, draw new buildings and research buildings on the iPads.  A great way to end the day!