Day 09 - Smarter Buildings (Elementary)

Today we made posters for exhibition to show every step of the design process in order:  empathy, define, ideate, and prototype.

Group 1

Exhibition will be our “test” phase of the process, although we did gather feedback twice already.  Our first step was to make a poster for empathy, including our thinking about the people who will use the building and their needs.  Our empathy posters have information we found researching on iPads like the weather or crime rates of the place our building is designed for.  The define poster was what kind of building we wanted to design and the problem we were going to solve.  Ideate had a lot of information.  We included all of our ideas for a prototype, including what materials we would use and all of our initial sketches.  Based on our final prototype, we wrote a paragraph explaining how our building design solved the problem and created a scale drawing of it. We can’t wait to see everyone at 6:00 tomorrow night to show off all of our hard work and innovation!