Day 08 - Smarter Water (Elementary)

Today was a day full of work. We began our day by making the connection between math and our prototypes. We discovered that math can help us figure out how many gallons of water a family will use in a day, how much that water will weigh, and if a vehicle can carry that much weight. We divided the weight capacity of a boeing 727 by 400 to find out that a plane can carry a days use of water for over 2,000 families.

After our math discussion our groups presented their prototypes to the group. We provided the pros and cons of the project to the group and their new job was to focus on the cons and work through those problems. After many discussions and redesigns, our students are created some very creative projects.

We learned a lot of lessons on group work, engineering, taking feedback, and researching.  We had a busy day but also had a great day. We worked a lot and tomorrow we will work even harder!

Notable Quotes:

  • Lily, I learned that you can do blueprints for anything. You can’t always agree on everything with your friends.
  • Greta, I learned that you can get clean water with plastic, sunlight, a rock and a cup.
  • Diego, we use one hundred gallons of water each day. I learned that every day we use 100 gallons.
  • Hannah, I learned that working together, when someone finds something better than what you already have, It’s better than having one person.
  • Willoree, I learned that there’s such a thing as water purificatiion tablets. I learned what a fish looks like in the Umgeni river.
  • Ella, I learned that you need one hundred gallons a day to take shaowers, baths, wash your hands and drinkl.
  • Tristan, I learned that you can do good together, really good.
  • Tyler, I learned that when water from the air heats plastic, it turns into clean water.
  • Jake, I learned that working in groups is better than just working as one person. Because
  • Henry, I learned that building is fun.
  • Taylor, I learned you have to work with your team. If you don’t, everything ends up messed up.