Day 08 - Smarter Transportation (Elementary)

Today’s focus was prototyping.  We started today by giving each group a lot of feedback!  We used all of the feedback we got to add on and change our prototypes.

  • Sophia changed her helicopter to look more like a real helicopter.
  • Braeden and Martin added fire to their rocket boosters to make it look like they work.
  • Azias added a dashboard to his prototype to show how to change from wheels to hovercraft.
  • Fiona, Trizden, and Eden add bigger wheels.
  • Anya made another seat to add to her bus.
  • Rowan and Cooper added their compost and trash sections to their car.
  • Elia changed the texture of her airplane seat.
  • Erik, Ari, and Gavin changed the nose of their plane.
  • Cassidy made a whole other iteration of her prototype to add wrist straps to connect it to her user.
  • Mitch added a road to his prototype to show how and where his bus works.