Day 08 - Smarter Public Safety (Middle School)

Students began today with about a half hour to work on prototypes before a full feedback session.

Students presented their ideas to the class and received positives and negatives about their prototype from their peers.  This gave groups who were stuck or thought they were done more ideas for their prototype.  After the feedback, we saw many designs change and many new ideas get added.

After break, we had a second feedback session, where we had Mr. Benson’s class come and give NEW feedback to our groups.  This was nice because the other class hadn’t seen the ideas develop and came in cold.  Students had the rest of the day to continue perfecting their prototype and start preparing for the exhibition on Friday.


The last 20 minutes were devoted to clean up, and there was a LOT to clean up after 3 days of prototyping.  Cutting, glueing, chopping, beading, and balloons led to a huge clean up job that we finished rather quickly and efficiently.

Tomorrow will be a day for finishing prototypes and getting presentations prepared.

  • “We made a riot drone!” – Sterling
  • “Making a nuclear power plant that has a bunker underneath and nuclear waste-proof walls” – Ethan
  • “We used a LOT of hot glue.” – Stacy