Day 08 - Smarter Food (Elementary)

As we begin to wrap up our work the children concentrated intently on refining and extending their prototypes. Most of our time today was spent in our small groups working on our boats and the leftover machine. We also watched a presentation from friends at 5280 Beef. Ty and Rachel and their kids taught us all about what kinds of animals they raise there. They talked to us about what kinds of food come from which animals, what animals eat and lots of fun facts about how cows, pigs and chickens behave on a day to day basis.

We spent the rest of the day continuing to prototype and researching what life is like on small farms. Tomorrow we’re planning to design a way to help small family farmers with part of the their chores because we saw how busy they are! Tomorrow morning we will also finish our prototypes, present them to the class and make labels to explain our prototypes at Friday’s exhibition.