Day 08 - Smarter Communication (Middle School)

An extremely productive day of prototyping and refining. We began by doing a building design challenge that supports weight. They were given 15 minutes to create a structure using limited supplies that had to be 1.5 inches off the table and support a cup that holds peas. We learned from the successful structures, that triangles are good to use when building a sturdy structure.

Next, we finished our presentations and got feedback. Then we revised and improved our prototypes based on the feedback. They really listened well to the ideaToday was an exts and questions that were proposed. Once again, I was impressed with the feedback and suggestions that they provided for each other. This is a group of thinkers and innovators, for sure.

As we were finishing our next round of prototypes, we began our rough drafts for the written communication part of our design challenge. We created posters that advertise the special features of our products, and began to draft our design briefs that document each step of the design process. The kids worked hard on their best word choice, as this is an important way that we will be communicating how we got to where we are with our final products.

Tomorrow we will finish the final touches on our prototypes based on one more round of feedback after our final practice presentations. We will finalize and publish our writing for the exhibition, and we will set up in the commons area for showtime on Friday.