Day 08 - Smarter Commerce (Middle School)

We started the day with a film clip from Apollo 13: showing how Ground Control had to make a carbon dioxide mitigation tool for the Apollo crew as they were hurdling toward Earth. It was the ultimate design challenge and lives were in the balance! Then we circled throughout the room giving feedback to other groups. Each feedback group had to start their prompts with: “I like”, “I wish”, and “What If”. With that information, the teams were able to go back to their tables and discuss the next steps.

Teams started rethinking their prototypes and adding and enhancing what they had already started. The creativity really started flowing! Teams were also tasked with coming up with ideas for their ad campaigns and their design briefs. They need to memorize our design challenge which is “Design a good or service for a customer to make their better.” After break we took stock of progress with a progress grid with all the groups (see picture of the white board). That allowed to groups to figure out where they had to put their energy. Then we swapped with the Smarter Public Safety group and offered/received feedback with them. The kids are really starting to understand that feedback is a very important part of the whole design process.