Day 08 - Smarter Cities (Middle School)

Today was all about prototyping and feedback andthen some more prototyping and feedback.  Each group focused in on their design challenges and users.

  • Tyler, Garrett & Maddie – How might we help students at school grow their own food?
  • Diego, Cameron & Marcelo – How might we help police officers stay safe while on the job?
  • Carl & Keegan – How can we help the police solve crimes?
  • Abby, Sofia & Molly – How might we improve the hotel experience?
  • Jesus, Royce, & Pierce – Design a way to market your company cheap and easy.
  • David, Oscar & Alan – Design a building that doesn’t need to be hooked up to the power grid.
  • Stella, Susan & Victoria – Design a hospital that is more inviting.

From reading these challenges you can see it takes many different elements to make cities function well.  And the cooperation that is needed at the city level is also crucial for our students during Innovation Academy.  I am impressed with how well the students are working with each other while prototyping with their own groups and providing feedback to others. We were also fortunate to have an IBM volunteer, Ms. Amy, and Ms. Mills’ energy class come in and help with the feedback stage. I encourage you to give your students some feedback as well.  Ask them more about their design challenges – what they like, what they find the most challenging and how their ideas are innovative and make a difference for their specific user groups.  Don’t forget, tomorrow is the last day of Innovation Academy in the morning for the students.  And we will see you on Friday at 6pm for Exhibition.  Oh, please remind your students to wear their IA t-shirts that evening – thanks!