Day 08 - Smarter Buildings (Elementary)

First off today, we got feedback on our prototypes of a building so far.

Group 1

We practiced presenting our building designs.  For feedback, the class asked us questions and gave comments like:

  • What building materials did you use?
  • What they liked about the building.  What they thought should be changed about it.
  • Why did you choose that type of building?
  • What they wished the building had.
  • How the building is eco-friendly?
  • What problem did the building solve?
  • How did you solve the problem?

Then, we changed some parts of our prototype after the feedback from our classmates.  We watched a video about making green buildings before snack and recess.  Lots of us played frisbee.  After, we continued building our prototypes and got to build most of the day.  The room was a big mess, but we cleaned it up pretty well.  Finally, we wrote what you are reading right now on this blog.