Day 07 - Smarter Water (Elementary)

Today we began our last design challenge. Students chose a problem on which to focus and began empathizing with their client. Since the majority of our clients are in Africa, students conducted research to find out more about who they are designing a product for. We have a group studying the Umgeni river in Africa and are attempting to create a fish that will kill bacteria and filter water throughout the river. We have another group that has an ingenious way to stop leaking pipes by rerouting the water through another series of pipes with an alarm system saying where the leak is occurring. There are many more ideas but I do not want to spoil them for you. You will have to come on Friday to find out the rest of our ideas.

All in all we had a great day. Students discovered what it means to compromise and be persistent. We focused on developing an idea all the way through and students struggled but persisted through their projects. I’m excited to see how they modify and better their projects tomorrow.

Notable Quotes:

  • Lily, leaky pipes are really bad if you don’t fix them immediately.
  • Marina, I learned that just one broken pipe can make a flood.
  • Josh, it take lots of tries to find something that will work in a prototype.
  • Daisey, I learned that leaky pipes can cause a flood in your basement.
  • Willoree, I learned that if you put like a piece of trash on the ground that counts and that can add up to a whole polluted world.
  • Ella, I learned that you should never water your gutters to clean them.
  • Diego, I learned that when you prototype, you don’t just go through it one way, you have to go through it different ways. When you prototype, you can’t just think about it and do it, you have to go through the different phases of design thinking.
  • Tristan, I learned that when you work together, a really hard project can be an easy project.