Day 07 - Smarter Transportation (Elementary)

Today was a big design thinking day!  We focused on MANY design thinking steps to help further our transportation project ideas.  We started day by creating empathy by researching on the iPads.  We watched some videos, looked at some articles and photos. After that we define our problems.  Everyone created a “How might we design for _____________ (our specific user) to ___________________ (better do…)”.  This helped us FOCUS and narrow our ideas down to one idea instead of 50.

Once we focused we began ideating and designing our ideas.  We got some feedback from some visitors and made our adjustments before we prototyped. Our prototypes will be more detailed, fancy, and complete than all the others we did last week.  So we will be prototyping a little today, a lot tomorrow, and finish on Thursday.

Tomorrow we will also work on giving and getting feedback to help us change and improve our designs.