Day 07 - Smarter Public Safety (Middle School)

Having just set the seeds for their ideas at the end of yesterday, students were ready to continue the design process and start creating their design challenge.

Students began by defining a problem that needs solving.

They then got to start the process of ideating and prototyping.  I had groups come up with as many ideas as they could (at least 10), so they could narrow down their best idea.  They finished this up right before break, leaving them a full hour and 45 minutes to prototype.

After a week of the process, the students are getting good at showing their ideas.  Our room was organized chaos for about an hour and a half, but we did manage to get cleaned up and ready for tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be start with showing the current prototype and receiving feedback from their peers.  Then students will have time to perfect their prototype to make it the best it can be.  The feedback part of the process should help students perfect their prototype.