Day 07 - Smarter Food (Elementary)

The children spent the bulk of the day working on prototypes. This morning we completed prototypes from yesterday and presented our ideas. Then the children broke down those prototypes and re-sorted the materials they used into the bins. We want to focus on the process of prototyping, not the finished product. We also want to encourage flexible thinking and a willingness to work through problems using different materials on different attempts.

We broke into interest groups and starting talking about problems with food waste in restaurants and the fishing industry. We learned about “by-catch”, fish that the fishermen catch accidentally that can’t be sold or fish that are too small to be legally caught but are injured or killed by the net. We did a lot of research on YouTube looking at ways to avoid by-catch, ways to avoid food waste and ways to make food waste into something that helps, rather than harms our environment. In our small groups we began make plans for our presentation prototypes. We clearly identified the problem, designed our solution, named it and finally began to build our first prototypes for the showcase on Friday. To end the day we had a feedback session with our class and some parents who visited. The we enjoyed learning how ice cream and ice cream cones are made via YouTube.