Day 07 - Smarter Energy (Middle School)

We just completed day 7 at skyline for the innovation academy. Today we started out with our mini design challenge that was called the “pea challenge”. The students were given a specific amount of materials that they had to use to hold up the peas at least 1.5 inches above ground. They had 18 minutes to design and complete their product. After, the students spent time working on their google doc briefs. I sent each group a document that solidified the empathy and define stage. They moved on to the ideate stage and researched their project. This gave students information about how they could brainstorm innovative and creative products. For example one group thought of a water powered car but as they researched they found this was already created. They took the fundamentals of this idea and built on that. I signed off on their final drawn prototype and they were able to start building. The students gave each other feedback every 10 minutes and their constructive criticism was extremely helpful. Tomorrow the students will be able to prototype all day and give feedback to each other. Thursday we will work on their presentations for the exhibition on Friday night and making final improvements on their prototype.