Day 07 - Smarter Communication (Middle School)

Today was a big brainstorming and idea day. We began by doing a balloon launch challenge, which was fun and required lots of creative thinking and re-thinking. Next, we really worked hard on identifying potential clients, potential communication problems they might have, and design challenge statements that could help us focus on a design challenge that is interesting and challenging for us. We came up with four very different ideas that our four teams will be working on for the rest of the week.

One team is designing a new type of alarm warning system to protect people in their homes and businesses if there is a break-in or emergency. Another team is helping restaurants and customers communicate more effectively to benefit the restaurant and the customer. Our third team is designing an innovative way for teachers to communicate more effectively with students and help differentiate their learning. Our last team is working on a voice activated communication device that works on all video game consoles, hand held devices, and computers to help gamers better communicate. They also came up with the final version of their company name, logo, slogan, as well as a product name for advertising.

I am very proud of the fantastic work that the kids did today on getting to these ideas. They worked really well on their first version of a prototype and gave incredible feedback to each other. I am anxious to see the revised prototypes and what they will come up with next. Tomorrow, we will finish presentations and feedback for round one, then will work hard to make it better, all while documenting and recording everything for our exhibition.