Day 07 - Smarter Cities (Middle School)

Today was a busy day with lots of energy and enthusiasm.  We started off the day with a focus on the define stage – what will their challenges be for the rest of the week?  Once we decided on these we did some fun ideation challenges – Come up with as many uses as you can for a paperclip and How can we get kids to eat their vegetables?  I loved seeing the students work together and build on each others’ ideas.  Then each group took that energy and creativity and brainstormed ideas for their specific CITIES design challenges.  After break we moved on to prototyping.  The focus was to create rough prototypes that they could quickly build to get some feedback as soon as possible and see if they were moving in the right direction.  Overall, it was a great start to their specific design challenges. I encouraged the students to go home tonight and do a little research – see what else is out there on their topics so that they can come with some more innovative ideas for some major prototyping tomorrow.