Day 06 - Smarter Water (Elementary)

We had a great first day here at Skyline! Our students began our day discovering how much it would cost if a pipe was leaking in our house. We discovered that a pipe that leaks 10 percent of its flow will lose 10 gallons per 100 that flows to a house. This will cost a household 17 dollars per 100 gallons. If the pipe bursts, then it can cost almost 20,000 dollars in lost water and construction costs to fix the pipe.

We spent the majority of our day finishing a design challenge from last week. Students were able to choose to help people drink more water, or create a way for families to have access to clean water around the world. Our ideas and prototypes included a back pack created for children that would allow a variety hydrating juices,  a dam that would stop water in a river and filter clean drinking water to the other side, two water bottles that would scan your body to check your hydration level and remind you to drink water. The students had a lot of fun building their ideas.

Tomorrow we will choose one design challenge from last week to fully design, test, and reiterate. The students made their choices today and will be grouped based on those choices tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing what your children come up with. We have had some really creative designs thus far. I can’t wait to see what they make with more time.

Notable Quotes:

  • Lily, there are lots of ways to pollute
  • Tatum, a lot of animals die from pollution and plastic.
  • Willoree, If you put one can on the ground, it adds up to a lot of pollution and can kill millions of animals. I enjoyed working together and trying to figure out prototypes and how to make them.
  • Tyler, If you put plastic or oil or any type of liquid it can kill animals.
  • Jake, A lot of people pollute and a million people pollute in a day.
  • Oscar, people who smoke pollute the air.
  • Diego, there’s acid rain. Acid rain is when different companies release gases into the air. Then it rains and mixes with the chemicals to make acid rain.
  • Henry, acid rain can kill fish.
  • Ella, Noise is a type of pollution.
  • Hannah, I liked making prototypes and working together.
  • Tyler, I liked having fun and working with water.
  • Daisey and Marina, I learned that noise is a pollution.
  • Tristan, I had fun being here and making fun projects.