Day 06 - Smarter Transportation (Elementary)

Today was a busy day!  We did a lot of thinking about transportation, which at times was exhausting.  We started our day with guest speaker from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).  Mr. Ashworth came to talk about his job as an Air Traffic Controller.  He talked to us about how the “highways” in the sky work and many of the rules that help keep air traffic safe and efficient. He also helped us understand the purpose of design and how iterations and testing can be helpful.

We had a small design challenge today to help us build on what Mr. Ashworth told us about.  We were given 2 wooden dowels, 2 rubber bands, and a pom pom and we needed to shoot the pom pom as far as possible.  We learned that we had to cooperate and reiterate our designs to make them better.  It took a lot of persistence, but each group was able to make their design better and work together.

Today we also began picking a transportation topic in order to solve one specific problem of our choice.  Today we brainstormed all of the important places, people, and problems we see in transportation and began to pick which topic we were interested in.  Tomorrow we will research, ideate, and begin prototyping!