Day 06 - Smarter Food (Elementary)

Happy Monday! We spent a lot of our day learning about Settings and Characters. This is the “where” and “who” that we can draw our design challenge problems from. We illustrated many different settings under the general Food theme: School Cafeteria, Home gardens, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Farms and Supply Trucks. We identified the characters for each setting and then looked more closely at what problems might arise in each one and ways of solving those unique problems.

After snack we focused on the issue of overfishing. The children began to design some solutions and prototypes to solve different problems related to overfishing. We talked about catching too many fish (even if it’s the right kind, we might be able to sell them all), catching the wrong fish (dolphins getting caught in tuna nets) and that pole fishing while more specific requires too much time and money which makes it more expensive.

Here are some of the solutions and prototypes that we began working on today:

Notable Quotes:

  • John- Share leftovers with your neighbors.
  • Landry- A mini-net that only catches 2-3 fish and the fish that we didn’t want get sorted into a box and the box puts it back into the sea.
  • Kyle- If you’re fishing with a big net you can have another rope with a warning sound on it that makes the dolphins and fish go away so you only catch the fish that you want.
  • Gibson- Two nets and one has a knife and the other gets the fish that you don’t want and they get let go. The fish that you do want gets cut up by the knife and then you can sell those.
  • Sam- A bsolar panel that catches the fish and it blinks the light on it and it shows you on the screen which fish you caught and if you don’t want it then the boat will release it
  • Isaac- There’s a net on it and the fish that you don’t want go through the door. If it’s fish you do want then you can keep the door shut. A screen on the boat shows you what fish are in the net.
  • Katherine- This is kind of like a bottom trawler but it doesn’t go all the way down. It floats on top and in the middle and there’s speaker on land. You tell the speaker what fish you want then the machine comes back with all the fish you want and they swim up the tube into a big bucket of water.
  • Elijah- I designed a fish tank that keep fish safe.
  • Nelson- This is a kind of fish pole and it tells you what kind of fish are in there and it tells you what you got.
  • Graham- I made a bottom trawler that has wheels and a door. And a jet so it can speed across the ocean and there’s a door and a microphone and it will only catch the fish you want and it won’t catch dolphins even if you wanted to.
  • Noah- The net catches the fish and the microphone tells you which fish are good to eat and which fish you don’t want to eat.
  • JJ- Mine is a red fish list machine and it’s powered by solar panels and it the red lights start working and the side will start lighting up and it makes sure that you caught the right fish.
  • Ethan- This is a fishing rod with a screen it has a wire and normal fishing string and the wire twists around to catch the fish and it has hooks that will cause you to only catch the fish you want.
  • Carter- I designed a fish building. If there’s fish you don’t want it goes in this building and then the building drains out into the ocean.
  • Lyla- I made a box that you type in which fish you want and it catches it. It has to be by the ocean or a lake. It tells you if it has a disease on it too.
  • Blake- I built one of those nets and it has a blinker on the bottom and the top and it will beep if you catch one of those fishes that you don’t want. Then you can pull it up right away and let it go free.