Day 06 - Smarter Buildings (Elementary)

We are finishing our first day at Skyline High School.

Group 1

We started with a math lesson about using length and width to find out how much space the top of a desk takes up in square inches.  This measurement is called area.  We noticed it would be easy to find the area of our classroom because the floor is made of square foot tiles.  At Skyline, our recess and snack is in front of the school on a hill.  This week we are designing better buildings the whole week.   We are trying to make a building that is more eco-friendly, sustainable, disaster-proof, and safe.  Different groups are designing skyscrapers, houses, tree houses, temples, and airports.  We watched a video about a house that is 5 years in the future.  It is a futuristic house that has fingerprint touch pads to control everything like lights, TV, the shower, a towel heater, grocery lists, bill-paying, etc.  We also researched on the iPads to start planning our buildings.