Day 05 - Smarter Water (Elementary)

I can’t believe we are already done with our first week of Innovation Academy. We had another awesome day filled with two design challenges and videos. We kicked off the day with Jeff Writer who works as a professor at CU. He led a challenge where students took dirty water and filtered it with sand, gravel, and a coffee filter. The students experimented with different layers of gravel, sand, and the coffee filter and ended up discovering that the best and fastest way to filter water is with sand on the bottom and gravel on top. We then discovered that London uses this filtration system for the entire countries water supply.

After our challenge we learned more about the water crisis in the world. Almost 1 billion people do not have access to clean water. We discovered that some women in children in Africa have to walk three hours to get to a water source. When they bring it back home, it’s not enough water and it’s not clean. So we decided that something needs to change. Our students chose someone to design for and begin solving the problem at hand. The students decided to create something for either children, women, or villages. We only got to the ideation step and will continue prototyping on Monday at Skyline.

Overall we had an amazing day and I can’t wait to see what design challenge your students choose next week and their ideas. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday.

Notable Quotes:

  • Daisey, I learned how to filter water and that one billion people do not have access to clean water.
  • Ella and Marina, I learned that every 21 seconds a child dies from bacteria and viruses in unclean water.
  • Diego, I learned how to filter water by using gravel, sand and a coffee filter.
  • Jake London uses gravel and sand to filter their drinking water.
  • Willoree, I enjoyed filtering the water.
  • Tatum, I enjoyed seeing that you could filter water in many different ways using sand and rocks.
  • Oscar, I enjoyed making the filters.
  • Tristan, I enjoyed having fun at IBM.
  • Marina, I had fun making the filters.
  • Lily, I enjoyed having volunteers from different places come to our class.
  • Ella, I enjoyed think about many ideas to help people get money to afford clean water.
  • Owen, I enjoyed making things to filter water.
  • Henry, I enjoyed having fun with water.
  • Taylor, I enjoyed doing experiments and building things
  • Greta, I enjoyed making friends. I enjoyed having fun building and helping people in other countries.