Day 05 - Smarter Public Safety

Our final day at IBM was a busy one.

Students began the day by finishing their “Predict/Prevent Crime” prototype.  They did a great job presenting their ideas and asking questions about everyone else’s.

The design challenge for today was designing a safety plan for a high profile event in a city.  They began by brainstorming different high profile events in cities.  We talked about what a “high profile” event looks like in Boulder County.  Students chose their events that they wanted to work with which included: Times Square NYE, Sports Authority Field, the Olympics, and Fashion Shows.

Students had a long time to ideate and think about how their particular event needed to be secured.  Some events (Olympics) are huge and have to have more than one entrance.  We also talked about the realities of efficiency, cost, feasibility of their ideas.  Students first put their ideas on paper drawing designs and writing down materials they will need for their prototypes.

In the prototyping stage, ideas went from words to models as students hurried to put their models together.  Similar themes seemed to come out as students placed cameras and drones that aimed to keep things safe.  One group even built an almost full scale “detector” that people would have to walk through.  Public Safety is such a giant issue as we move forward with technologies, that I tried to ask the kids where they can balance privacy into these designs.

What a fun week at IBM and I’m hoping next week will be full of creativity as students choose their own projects themselves.

Notable Quotes:

  • “My favorite part of the week was designing a way to improve school safety and the marshmallow challenge.” – Abby A
  • “My favorite part of the week was working with all the awesome kids.” – Amelia
  • “My favorite part of the week was making new things everyday and meeting many great people.” – Rumi
  • “My favorite part of the week was meeting new friends and building a prototype to prevent or predict crime.  And of course snacking on raw spaghetti and marshmallows with my friends.” – Stacey B
  • “My favorite part was the last prototype (Times Square).  - Jordan