Day 05 - Smarter Food (Elementary)

Day 5! This week has absolutely flown by! We are really coming together as a community of learners and are beginning to find our voices as designers.

Miss Vorhaus started the morning with a presentation about three BIG problems in the area of Food: Food Waste, Harmful Food Production Methods and Contaminated Food. We learned that everyday in America we throw away enough food waste to fill the Rose Bowl! We also learned that bottom trawlers and over-fishing are having a devastating impact on the ocean ecosystems and endangering certain species of fish. Finally we learned that it can be very hard to trace where our food comes from and if it is contaminated then a lot of people might eat it and get very sick.

This morning we also had an amazing presentation from Leah McClay with Whole Foods. She brought some really interesting looking produce. We got to try some Spanish green olives and we got to taste “Coconut chips”! Miss Vorhaus thought they were both delicious but not all of us agreed with her! Leah taught us that some plants grow the edible parts above ground, like kale, and some grow below ground, such as beets. We learned all about local produce and shopping “in season” and talked about why so many fruits and vegetables arrive in Colorado having grown in much warmer, more humid climates. She also helped us understand the difference between fruits and vegetables. Basically, fruits have a seed (they assure the plant will be able to reproduce itself) and vegetables are the others parts of a plant (the leaves, stalk, roots, etc). The last thing we learned from Leah is the difference between perishable and non-perishable foods. Perishable foods are ones that can rot and non-perishables do not rot but they do “expire”.

This afternoon’s design challenge focused on ways to prevent food waste from occurring. Two groups designed refrigerators that keep track of freshness and expiration dates and suggests recipes using foods that need to be used up. They designed a truck that detects food waste, recycling and trash and picks it up, sorts it and delivers it to the proper disposal site with the food waste going to a composting center.

What a busy and FUN week we’ve had! See you all on Monday!