Day 05 - Smarter Energy (Middle School)

Today was the last day at IBM and we spent the majority of our day working on the design challenge #4. Before we started the challenge, I gave them some real life math problems to work on. The math is more thoroughly explained in the power point attached (last 2 slides). I brought in an apparatus that is able to connect 4 different types of light bulbs. We connected 2 different types of fluorescent light bulbs, 1 halogen light and 1 LED light. I used an app called LightMeter (whitegoods) which detects the amount of illuminance (unit of lumen) is being emitted from the light bulb. The students divided the lumen power by the watts and they were able to decipher the most energy efficient bulb. Pictures are in the gallery.
After math, we embarked on our design challenge #5; “Design a way to monitor and decrease energy consumption”. I started out the class by showing 2 videos of teenagers creating working alternative energy models. One girl made a flashlight powered by the heat from a human hand and the boy made general power harnessed through human footsteps. These videos are on the 3rd slide of the power point. Today, the kids made incredibly strides in their creative confidence! They had many discussions about what kind of energy they wanted to create and innovative ways to do this. Please ask your son/daughter what they created today. The photos of the prototypes are in the visual gallery.

We have to finish our blogs early today, sorry to keep it short and sweet. We are moving all of our equipment to skyline high school. See you all on Monday!