Day 05 - Smarter Commerce (Middle School)

We ended a productive week of engaged, innovative, creative kids. Today was the culmination of our second design challenge, design or redesign a marketing campaign for a product that you either create or already exists. The kids were busy prototyping, asking for feedback and ideating their design challenges.

We had an awesome presentation from the Zayo Group of Boulder to talk about entrepreneurship. They had an amazing presentation today about all of the great entrepreneurs. The kids even invented the “Repulsor Lift”…Back To The Future is today!

Notable Quotes:

  • Fiona: I learned that I love neon orange sunglasses
  • Blythe: I love dark chocolate Kit Kats
  • Nathan: I learned how to make puppet goldfish
  • Alex: I learned how to be creative with common objects
  • Zack: I learned that lots of people were Entrepreneurs
  • Sydney: People who start their own business just try it, even if the business doesn’t work out
  • Leah: I love Repulsor Lifts!

And, for the very first time, the first student who can tell me the magic keyword gets a special prize. The word is “Zayo Group”.