Day 05 - Smarter Buildings (Elementary)

What a week!

Group 2

We had another day full of creativity and collaboration.  We started the day with a wonderful guest speaker Thomas Soell, structural engineer who builds eco-friendly buildings.   He explained to the students the importance of the structure of a building along with the outside material (skeleton and muscles).  Next, we learned about which shape was the best for buildings. We took a vote triangles verses rectangles, the winner was…… TRIANGLES!

With our new knowledge of shapes, we learned about making a building sustainable using triangles.   Our design challenge today was to build an eco-friendly and sustainable building.   The students continued to amaze me with their brainstorming and prototyping.  All the groups had buildings that were able to sustain a small earthquake and some were able to have some weight on it.  They also included solar panels and double-panel windows on their buildings.

We will continue to use our new knowledge of smarter buildings next week at Skyline High School focusing on one design challenge all week.