Day 05 - Smarter Buildings (Elementary)

What a whirlwind day!

Group 1

We started off with a guest speaker, Tom Soell, a structural engineer from Boulder who specializes in eco-friendly building.  We learned that architects design how the building looks and structural engineers design the insides of a building (like the skeleton and muscles).  He told us that sustainable buildings need to be strong enough to stay up when there is a lot of weight on top or winds or floods pushing the sides.  We also learned that triangles are the strongest shape and support beams usually make a triangle shape.

Our math messon today was about different types of shapes like quadrilaterals and triangles, and even the names of different special quadrilaterals and triangles.  We had fun on testing how strong each type of shape is.

Our group asked some good questions about eco-friendly and sustainable, so we got to do some research about those words and types of buildings using iPads.

Finally, we used our knowledge about designing eco-friendly, sustainable buildings to create a prototype of one.

We had a great time in Innovation Academy at IBM this week and can’t wait to see each other next week at Skyline High School.