Day 04 - Smarter Water (Elementary)

Another great day went by filled with a guest speaker and a full design challenge. We began our day with Nancy Mckintyre from Longmont Water conservation district. She had a wonderful demonstration showing the students how much water is used from animals, humans,  machines and farms. We are using more water than ever and will have a water crisis as soon as 2080.

We dove right into our design challenge which was to Design a way to improve water quality in a local river/stream to improve the river’s ecosystem. The students did some research on the most polluted rivers in the world. Our challenge was to design something for a local river, but we wanted to think globally like IBM does. So we modified the challenge to find rivers from around the world. Out of the list our students chose to design for the Mississippi river, Jion river in China, and rivers in Jakarta.

The creative minds in the class came up with some wonderful projects. We had underwater pipes that would lead water through a series of filters and spit the water back into the river. We had a dam that would divert water to a treatment center and push the water back into the river. One of the most creative prototypes was a machine with mechanical arms that would attract trash and pull it out of the river. The arms were capable of picking up 50 pieces of trash in one second.

Tomorrow we will be filtering water as we design a way so all people of the world have access to clean water. Here are what your children had to say about our day.

  • Lily,I learned that the Mississippi river has oil, pollution and oil spills.
  • Greta, I learned that rivers can be very polluted.
  • Owen, I got to see a picture of a really polluted river in Jakarta.
  • Diego, I learned the different names of the most polluted rivers in the world.
  • Tatum, the Jian river had red dye in the water.
  • Henry, I learned that everything is hard when you start off. Ideas are hard to make when you just start. But you have to be persistent and try and try again.
  • Ella, I learned that it’s better when someone says that theres something to change on your project. Then we can make it better.
  • Hannah, I designed a new way to improve the water quality of a local river or stream to improve the river’s ecosystem.
  • Marina, I learned that in the Jion river there was red dye. The river looked like a volcano.
  • Jake, I learned that they put dead people in a river in India.
  • Taylor I enjoyed making new things again.
  • Tyler, I learned that when the water pressure is too high or too low the pipes can leak.