Day 04 - Smarter Food (Elementary)

Most of our day was spent working with our Design Challenge #3. The students needed to design a way for children to help prepare food or a meal for a busy family. This was tricky at first because in some ways it was similar to yesterday’s challenge so we needed to think of new and unique ways to attack this problem. We began by discussing ways we already help at home. Then we made a up a sample menu and listed out the time it takes to make each recipe on that menu. We finished the conversation talking about how to schedule food preparation and cooking times so that everything is ready at the same time. The kids started working on their concepts and designs and made “shopping lists” for materials to build their prototypes.

We also had Mrs. Brohm visit and tell us the story of “Little Banana”. This is the story of a banana traveling from the plant to the grocery store. Here are their thoughts on the story: “We learned how bananas get to the stores and our homes.” ” Bananas have to go in lots of trucks.” “The bananas have to get stored with a chemical so they ripen.” “Bananas come from a plant, not a tree like we all thought.” “Bananas have to go across the ocean to come here.”

We spent the rest of the day building our prototypes!

  • Kyle- This makes food in 3 seconds while you’re driving home. It has this eyeball so if you want to rest and not drive the eyeball can control the car by itself.
  • Elijah- I made a food-making robot. And it has short arms and paper for the eyes and legs.
  • Landry- This can hold food. You can tell it here what you want and it can cook anything.
  • Blake- It has a string in the middle so you can hold it. It has a timer for the eggs and the pancakes and the fruit salad and it shows all the times. The timer says when it’s time to mix the eggs and the pancakes and the fruit salad.
  • Gibson- This is a refrigerator. Right here it tells you recipes and it tells you what you have in there. This is the door and I used a tile and it tells you what ingredients to put in the recipes.
  • Isaac- This is my robot. When there’s a potluck it will shout so loud and pull everybody out of their house and they have to bring food to share.
  • Nelson- This is a computer that turns into two computers, one on the first side and one on the other side. It tells you a menu and what kind of food you want.
  • Noah- I made a computer. I used squares for the buttons. When you tell the computer something he gives you the food you want.
  • Carter- My computer has important buttons. The on and off buttons are the shiniest. When you push the home button it tells you what food you need to have for the day.
  • Graham- I made this little car and it is really small. It looks like it should go this way but I made it go sideways. It makes your food while you’re driving.
  • Lyla- I made a house that has a stove inside and a growing tree. The tree makes food and all you have to do is cook it.
  • John- This is a prototype of my tablet and the app tells you when to cook a meal and it tells you a recipe.
  • Sam- My prototype senses what you want to make and it makes it and it goes onto the plate. It makes a very loud noise and the balloon pops.
  • Katherine- This is my food-cooking robot. It cooks. It flies and it walks and it is very static-y.
  • Ivan- I made a cleaner and cutter. It washes fruit and cuts it up. It get stored in the cooler.
  • JJ- I was gonna make a baby food-cooking robot but I did not finish with the body.
  • Ethan- My food box has a locker so you can lock it and it has a handle right here so you can open it. It has some buttons so if you push this button it makes whatever food you want come out on your plate.