Day 04 Smarter Commerce (Elementary)

We had a very cerebral day. First the kids learned some economic concepts such as Supply and Demand and the Circular Flow of the Economy. They learned that when a company advertises effectively, it can increase the Demand for that product – we used the IPhone 6 as an example.We are all consumers and are influenced by many aspects.

We were visited by an amazing IBM employee, Sally Meier, Director of Global Logistics. She discussed how IBM has to be careful when shipping goods across borders and how security is of utmost importance. We talked about pirating and smuggling…the kids were quite enthralled.

Then today’s design challenge. The kids have to come up with a marketing campaign for a product that already exists, or a product that they would invent. We discussed what makes an effective advertising campaign. What can convince people to buy a product. How did Subway Restaurants come up with the slogan “Eat Fresh”? The answer: Focus Groups! So we did our own focus groups and surveys.

Tomorrow we start to prototype….commercials? Magazine ads? Stay tuned….