Day 04 - Smarter Cities (Middle School)

Today’s Smarter Cities focus was on Public Safety (specifically on reducing crime in a high crime neighborhood).  For today’s math connections, students graphed different crimes rates in Longmont from 2009-2012 and looked for trends and areas of concern.  We were also fortunate to have the Deputy Public Safety Chief for the City of Longmont, Craig Earhart, come and talk to our students about crime in Longmont and how they are working to keep us all as safe as possible. Some facts that the students learned were:

  • Criminals don’t like lights
  • There are so many different types of crimes.
  • Burglaries are more common during the day when people are at work or school.
  • 5% of our citizens commit 85% of the crimes

After many fabulous questions, it was back to ideating and prototyping ways to reduce crime.  The students did a great job incorporating technology and creativity into their prototypes. Some of their reflections at the end include:

  • I liked learning about how many crimes happen and how police prevent them.
  • I think the most challenging part was creating our robot and get it balanced.
  • The most challenging part for us was camouflaging our hidden camera.
  • We thought “outside the box” by putting wires inside the windows.
  • We thought “outside the box” by taking 3 ideas and combining them into one.