Day 04 - Smarter Buildings (Elementary)

Hello, it’s the students here.

Group 1

We’d like to tell you about our day.  We started our day with a guest speaker, Brian Lamar the head of SVVSD construction.   He told us how he makes schools and how to draw what you are going to build or change.

After he left, each group presented our project form yesterday where we designed a place to have parties or hang out.

For today’s project, we made a list of buildings we would like to redesign to make it a better place.  We had 4 groups, each designing a different building.  Then we made a sketch of the building that we were making after we found out which group we were in.  We have a redesigned IBM, house, library, and Pepsi Center.  Next we went to recess and snack (we are out of animal crackers as a choice).  We started building our prototype and we were interviewed by someone from the newspaper.  They asked us our names, which school we went to, about our projects today, and which project was our favorite so far.

We had a 2nd guest speaker, Jordan Olivero, who works on Smarter Buildings at IBM.  He gave us ideas for how to make old buildings better and build new buildings in an energy-efficient, safe way that uses space well.

We are writing this blog instead of presenting them right now.  We are really excited that we got 30 minutes to build today and can’t wait to present in the morning.