Day 03 - Smarter Transportation (Elementary)

Our focus for today was users. We talked about how grownups are the primary users of transportation and that they have many ways they commute to work.  We looked at biking, cars, public transportation, and carpooling.  We learned about pros and cons and how adults use them to make decisions using logic and reasoning. Each student helped to come up pros and cons for each type of commute and we grouped them together to find trends. Our virtual speaker, Mr. Gaskell, shared with us lots of information about how transportation makes lots of impacts on our world.  He helped us find more ways we can help our users.  After our speaker, students split up and chose a type of transportation and one of the cons that they can solve and prototype.

Ari, Martin, and Mitch worked on helping people not be tired when commuters are biking.

Cassidy and Anya worked on making biking faster.

Fiona, Eden, and Trizden worked on what you can do if you carpool to work and then need to leave before your ride does.

Erik, Gavin, and Rowan worked on making sure commuting in cars was safer.

Azias and Cooper worked on making public transportation more entertaining.

Sofia, Elia, Braeden, and Jake worked on making public transportation more comfortable.

Nathan and Trey worked to help car commuters with traffic.