Day 03 - Smarter Public Safety

The Smarter Public Safety group began today by putting the finishing touches on their prototypes for creating safer schools.  Kids came up with ways to stop theft, stop bullying, and stop dangerous weapons and outsiders from getting in the building.  While creating safer schools is an incredibly important task, a lot of the issues were hard to solve.  Bullying is a huge issue in the schools right now, and there doesn’t seem to be a magic solution.

With no field trips today, we had the whole time for the creative process to play out.

Creating safer transportation was the main task of today.  Students researched problems in transportation on the iPads before choosing a topic.  One group was discussing how their parents won’t let them sit in the front seat because they aren’t 5′ tall yet.  They thought they would find tons of data supporting how big of a problem this was, but in fact found out that through technological advancements and education for parents, this really isn’t really a problem anymore.

In the end, groups decided to focus on solving drunk driving, safer airbags, airbags for kids, and texting while driving.  Students had time to come up with ideas and almost enough time finish prototypes.  Tomorrow they will have time to finish their prototypes and focus on a challenge about helping police predict and prevent crime.

Quotes from the day:

  • “We made an airbag out of a balloon and a spinning steering wheel out of a plate, a stick, and hot glue.” – Stacey
  • “We made a car that helped solve texting while driving” – Mason
  • “We used the process of design thinking to create prototypes” – Amelia
  • Tomorrow’s Secret Password: “Design”