Day 03 - Smarter Commerce

This is the day we’ve been waiting for! Kids now got the chance to turn their ideas into reality with every manipulative one can imagine. We had amazing creations from Coney Island, Southern Colorado and New Mexico, Chicago and the Colorado high country. The catch is that each of the families that were going on these vacations had some special need that needed to be accommodated. Their imagination overfloweth.

We were also visited by Dan Murray, entrepreneur extraordinaire. who gave a great talk about the businesses he started. and some of the “Weird Things” that can happen in business. His company would buy keywords for Google searches and get paid on the number of click throughs. What he found was that typos were also valuable so he bought those too. He gave a great exercise about guessing what typos could be made from the word “insurance”. More than one can count!

At the end of the day, kids presented their prototypes and got feedback from the group on them. Presentations were filmed and other students provided feedback. It was a great day. We have much more tomorrow!