Day 03 - Smarter Buildings (Elementary)

Our day 3 was great!

Group 2

We has a guest speaker Pete Weber, a Boulder architect, who explained the process of building a house.  The students were able to ask wonderful questions.  To expand our knowledge, we spent time researching smarter buildings on the iPads by visiting the website We were able to read and look at pictures of the famous buildings around the world.

With buildings, we talked about area of a space and how that is connected to our prototyping. Students were able to use colored tiles to find the area of a piece of paper and our tables. Next, we took our new information about area and started our design challenge.  Our design challenge was to design a place for kids to have a party, celebration or hang out.  The students brainstormed and sketched out their building. We learned that starting on a new building takes longer than redesigning a space. Since those 2 steps required a lot of detail, we are planning on finishing our prototyping tomorrow. We are excited to see what our buildings will look like.