Day 02 - Smarter Transportation (Elementary)

Today was an exciting day because it was Field Trip Day!!  We took two field trips around IBM today. First we went to the IBM Command Center to learn about how IBM helps companies communicate and how they track many things around the world from earthquakes, the news, and systems all around IBM and the world.  Second, we went to the Green Data Center.  This building houses all of the server computers, it is cooled by water under the floor and holds so many GB of data that it is way more that we can’t even think about how much it really is!

Today we also worked on our first design challenge to redesign the home-to-school experience.  We looked at the data we collected yesterday and drew conclusions about how we could help users of cars, buses, walkers, scooters, and bikes.  Students split up and tackled their challenge.  We found ways to make scooters and bikes safer, cars more efficient and able to manage school traffic.  We found ways to make walkers faster and buses more friendly to the environment.  We worked really hard on giving feedback today and learned to use sentences with… I like…, I wish…, What if….  It was so much fun to see everyone’s ideas and find new ways that we can improve our designs.