Day 02 - Smarter Food (Elementary)

Our first grade Food group spent the day exploring the IBM facility. We took a field trip to the “World- Famous” IBM cafeteria! We also took a big, long walk all around the facility on the Water Resources Tour. After snack and recess time we dove into the Design Thinking Process and built prototypes for a partner’s lunchbox.

Notable Quotes

  • Nelson P. – We made lunchbox prototypes.
  • Kyle N. – We built little lunchboxes for our partners.
  • Elijah W. – We saw the fat-head minnows on the Water field trip.
  • Blake G. – We heard about where the trash goes, to the landfill.
  • Gibson E. – On our cafeteria field trip I liked when I went into the freezers.
  • Noah C. – We saw food in the cafeteria.
  • James O. – The giant freezers are the best freezers in the whole world. I almost turned into an ice cube.
  • Sam P. – We went in the giant freezers. It was so, so, so freezing. We learned about how fast the water goes in the pipes here.
  • Issac W. – My favorite thing was how cold the freezers were at the cafeteria.