Day 02 - Smarter Communications (Middle School)

Today was another fun-filled learning day at IBM. We took two walking field trips and traveled far on foot. First, we went to the Command Center, then we went to the green room. Both places were amazing and impressive. Both field trips showed us the importance of communication in a business setting.

We had the wonderful help of Katherine Busbee, IBM employee from production control, during our design challenge work today. Our challenge was: Design or improve a product or service that connects people across the world. We used the design process to identify a potential problem and client, build empathy, define the problem, brainstorm/ideate, and prototype. We will present and get feedback in the morning tomorrow.

  • Maddie and Niamaya: Our favorite part of today was building our SOS balloon for airplanes that are lost or going down.
  • Clyde and Will: Our favorite part about today was building our prototype emergency flare for a plane.
  • Jocelyn (and Ava): Our favorite part was building our proto type of a fan phone that can be used as back up communication when other communication has failed.
  • Andres and Ramon: Our favorite part of today was the field trips through IBM and the creative posters. We made a wind powered phone.