Day 02 - Smarter Commerce (Middle School)

We had our first design challenge today. The kids were tasked with designing a vacation for a client. The catch: each family had a member with a special need that needed to be accommodated. The kids were given $5000 to spend on their client – this is where we brought back the idea of scarcity. They had fun designing their vacation and thinking big. The big lesson for them was learning how to make a BUDGET. They had to research everything from round-trip to airfare to snowmobile tours in the Rockies. Tomorrow will be prototyping day! Time to get out the stuff!

This is not your grandma’s IBM. They have changed so much are definitely on the cutting-edge! We took two tours of their facilities: The Green Data Center and the Global Command Center. IBM hosts data from all around the world in a eco-friendly server farm. It’s quite impressive and holds 8 petabytes of storage (how much is that?). The Global Command Center is something right out of Hollywood or NASA and shows all of IBM’s client activities all around the world. They can manage data problems all around the world. There are screens with weather, earthquake activity and current goings on from all around the globe. What an amazing place…the kids were in awe.

Notable Quotes:

  • Leah: “IBM is over 50 years old”
  • Sydney: “IBM uses 8 petabytes of electricity”
  • Hannah: “IBM invented the barcode”
  • Zack: “IBM monitors earthquakes and weather”
  • Nathan: “IBM and CU use the most electricity in Boulder County”
  • Alex: “IBM uses backup battery for their computers and other electronics.”
  • Fiona: “IBM is efficient in solving electrcity”
  • Blythe: “There is an Urban Mattress company in Cairo”