Day 02 - Smarter Buildings (Elementary)

Another day of innovating today!  

Group 2

We started our day with units of measure – students were given different tools to make a 12 X 9 rectangle.  The tools that were used to measure were paper clips, twist ties, color tiles, inches and centimeters. We learned from our rectangles that it’s important to have the same units of measure when building and communicating with others.

Next, we went on two field trips in the IBM buildings.  Our first trip was to the Command Center in building 26.  Though it was a walk to get there, we were amazed when we got there.  We saw were all the magic happens with computers and communication with people all over the world.  Our second walk was to another building to see the Green Data Center.  When we got there, our group saw the process how they built the command center every.  To see where the computers are held was amazing!

Our group worked on a design challenge when we returned to the classroom.  Students worked in groups today to redesign another person’s living space.  The students interviewed a friend to gather their ideas of the best bedroom.  They did great learning about empathy, which is thinking of other’s needs.  After interviewing, students worked in their groups to start the prototyping section and we went shopping for materials.  At the end, students realized how working in a group is easier once you’ve done it and they were giving wonderful feedback to each other.