Day 01 - Smarter Water (Elementary)

Day one started off with a bang and went by very quickly. Parents, students, educators, IBMers and children all gathered into the cafeteria to watch a presentation from CU Professor Julie Andrew and her puppet Mole. After a great presentation we walked to our workspace to explore the prototyping area and get better acquainted with each other. Out of all eighteen students we have a great representation of students from schools all around Longmont and about a 50 50 split of students going into 2nd grade and 3rd grade.

We began the day by exploring the traits on innovation which include collaboration, creativity, curiosity, persistence and risk taking. Students undertook a quick design challenge to orient themselves to the process. Their task was to build a better way to scratch one’s back. The students prototyped rapidly and created scratchers attached to rulers, scratchers attached to strings so that one could rub the scratcher on their back. After they received some feedback they fixed their initial prototype and presented to the class.

We then took a quick snack break and got back to work. We explored and discovered where our water comes from and started talking about some issues that occur with the transportation of water. These topics will be discovered later this week. We then began to redesign water bottles so people would use them more often. Out of the 5 projects we had water carriers hidden in purses, tubes strapped around the back with straws leading to the mouth, and even a water bottle that would filter water while cooling it down at the same time.

Overall we had a great day and here is what the students had to say.

Lily, “I learned how you can carry water in different ways.”

Josh, “We get water through the reservoir.”

Diego, “I thought at first that water came from the ocean. I know now it comes from ponds, lakes, streams and pretty much anything that is a water source.”

Ella, “I learned that pumps push water to your home.”

Daisy, “I learned how water gets to your tap.”

Marina, “I enjoyed building things.”

Daisy, “I enjoyed making friends.”

Owen, “I enjoyed making our projects because it was fun.”

Tyler, “I liked that there were a hundred ways to build one project and you could build whatever you wanted. “

Taylor, “I liked making new friends and making new things. “