Day 01 - Smarter Transportation (Elementary)

Phew!  Today was a busy day!  We learned a TON of information about transportation.  We did a lot of research and saw a lot of really cool ways that people get around.  We noticed that there are WAY more types of transportation on land than air or water.  We thought it was really interesting that the Wright Brothers first flew in 1903, and that some countries do not have lines on their roads which makes their traffic crazy.

We also explored wheels and axels in order to make our own small cars that roll.  We found that axels were essential to make our cars move well.  Everyone learned that they easily could improve their car and make it better for future trials.  Some would have used different materials, taped them together differently, or used an axel for their wheels.

Tomorrow we look forward to redesigning the home-to-school experience.  To prepare we went around today and collected data from all the other classes to find out how they get to school.  We will create a bar graph of the data tomorrow and find out which users we should design for, although we already noticed some trends about how many kids ride in cars.

We are so excited to get started!