Day 01 - Smarter Commerce (Middle School)

What a great first day! Julie Andrew of CU showed the kids a little magic with some thermodynamic chemistry. I knew the kids were ready with the questions and answers they were putting forward. Then we broke into classrooms and I got to meet my awesome kids! First we acted out the “Traits of Innovation”. The first Oscar goes to…then we spruced up our Design Process posters with some great artwork. But wait, there’s more…the day ended with the MARSHMALLOW DESIGN CHALLENGE. The kids partnered up and  tasked with building the tallest structure out of spaghetti, string, tape and one marshmallow. Our winners were Fiona and Blythe with a 39 inch structure! We talked about what makes a great structure, but more importantly, what makes a great team! Finally, we talked about scarcity and had a small lesson with dividing up a candy bar. Yes, and that was only Day One