Day 01 Smarter Cities (Middle School)

The day started out with some fabulous chemistry experiments by CU Teach’s Julie Andrew.  After that, the students headed to their classrooms to learn about the Six Traits of Innovation.  In groups of 4 students created skits that highlighted the traits – thinking, curiosity, creativity, persistence, cooperation, and risk-taking.  We can’t have Smarter Cities without any fun; therefore, our first design challenge focused on creating a working model of an amusement park ride.  Students began the challenge by interviewing a classmate to find what features needed to be included to make the BEST ride ever!  Then after brainstorming even more ideas, students chose their prototyping materials and building began.  During this creation time we made sure to allow time for feedback to help improve the prototypes.  After a quick clean-up, students presented their amazing rides to their classmates including the ride’s name, the designers, how the ride works, the ride’s best feature, and of course, what they would change/add if they had more time.  That is the beauty of designing and prototyping – there is always room for improvements.  It was a fantastic first day of using the design process with a ton of energy and great collaboration between the students!  We were also fortunate to have some terrific IBM volunteers in the room help the students with the challenge.  Feel free to take a look at the PowerPoint that we used to guide today’s challenge. We will start the day tomorrow with the Overall Design Challenge Reflection found on the last slide.