Day 01 - Smarter Buildings (Elementary)

We had a great first day in Smarter Buildings.

Group 1

Group 1 learned what it means to be an innovator.  Innovators are people who think of ways to change the world and make it better, which means WE are innovators.  We did a division problem to help us get into groups to become experts at a trait of innovation.  The traits are creativity, curiosity, cooperation, thinking, risk-taking, and perseverance.  Each group created a poster, skit, or model to teach the rest of the class about their assigned trait.

Afterward, we went to recess and had snack.  At recess, we made friends while playing football, tag, or just hanging out talking.

Finally, we watched a video about the world’s tallest building  and had a contest to see who could design and build the tallest building made of index cards–no tape or glue allowed!  It was very challenging and helped us learn which traits of innovation we are strong in and which ones we would like to improve.

We can’t wait for tomorrow when Mrs. Clifford says we will get to choose some really cool building materials for our first big design challenge.


Group 2

We made it through our first day of Innovation Academy! We started our day by meeting new friends and learning about what an innovator is.  We created ways to show the different traits of being an innovator and gave presentations to each other. One of the traits we focused on was cooperation and collaboration.  With our new friends, we worked on a design challenge to build the tallest tower using index cards.  While working on the tower challenge, we learned how to communicate with each other and the importance of having a strong base for towers. Some groups built some very tall towers!  We ended our day visiting our prototyping lab where we will be getting our materials for our next design challenges starting tomorrow!